Viral Hepatitis

Viral Hepatitis

Hepatitis A Medications (Drugs, Medicines) Drug(s) of Choice Antiviral therapy not indicated in acute HAV infections as spontaneous resolution occurs in almost all patients Contraindications: Corticosteroids may add to morbidity/increased mortality. Precautions: N/A Significant possible interactions: Refer to…

Hepatitis, Viral

Definition Viral hepatitis refers to the clinically important hepatotrophic viruses responsible for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, delta hepatitis, hepatitis C, and hepatitis E. Viral hepatitis has acute, fulminant, and chronic clinical forms defined by duration or severity of…

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A infection is one of the most frequently reported vaccine-preventable diseases in the United States. The incidence of hepatitis A correlates directly with poor sanitary conditions and hygienic practices. Hepatitis A infection occurs primarily from person-to-person transmission….